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Ui24R software is now available for download from the Soundcraft Website!



New Ui24R v3.0 Firmware

Click Here

The primary feature added to the mixer is the ability to cascade or mirror two UI24R units.

Cascading enables you to connect two Ui24R systems via Ethernet to expand your mixing capability with a new 32x32 bi-directional audio bus. Add a second Ui24R to double your mic inputs or connect two Ui24R mixers and control two fully independent mixes, such as FOH and monitors, or FOH and streaming/live recording mixes.

More features in the 3.0 Update:

  • Cue Recall: save mix settings as Cues and then quickly and seamlessly recall them

  • UDP Control Recall: for triggering lighting control snapshots

  • Lexicon Reverb PreDelay: easily set the time before first surface reflections and simulate desired acoustic environments

  • Plus 25 new supported touch screens

Here are some YouTube links with Danny Olesh, giving you a personal walk through of how to use the new features!

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