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Hot New Products!


MX28 - Mini-Mix VI 3 CH stereo mixer – retail $100.  Rolls initially released this product nearly 30 years ago as a small keyboard mixer.  There are three ¼” stereo input channels and ¼” stereo outputs.  The idea was that you could mix up to 3 keyboards or sound modules (remember them) with individual Level and Balance controls and output to your amp or recorder.  There are 2 headphone outputs so that the user and a friend can both listen.  Today the applications are more broad, with users mixing a variety of stereo items, for live, recording or class room applications.   

RA163 – XLR distribution Amp - 8 CH Mono/4 CH stereo – retail $195.  This Distribution Amp has all XLR jacks.  Two for left and right inputs and 8 for mono or stereo outputs.  This is designed for applications where you need to send a line level signal to more than one amplifier with no signal loss or impedance issues.  These are very commonly used to send and control the volume of a signal to multiple active speakers.     

MX51s – Mini Mix II  - 2 ¼” and 3 RCA input Mixer – retail $72. Input channel 1 on this mixer has an XLR Mic jack, channels 2 and 3 have RCA inputs and channel 4 has RCA and Mini jack inputs.  Output is Line or Headphone level.  History has taught us that if you’re just doing basic level mixing of a Mic and sources that a simple to use and understand small box can be a better choice than a small desk top mixer.

HA43Pro – 4 CH Headphone Amp – retail $70.  Rolls initially released this product at least 30 years ago.  Many Rolls products stand the test of time and in this case after 30 years, the HA43 is still an in demand product that represents a great value.  The HA43 is a full frequency response, LOUD, headphone monitoring amp.  Signal comes into the HA43 via ¼” or RCA jacks and output is to ¼” or mini headphone jacks.  The HA43 is used in countless home and professional studios, class rooms, trade shows, museums, and headphone listening applications we haven’t even thought of yet.

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