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The Past, Present & Future

The originally named Hanoud Associates was founded in 1976 by Paul and Nancy Hanoud. From the beginning, a strong emphasis on product knowledge, dealer sales, and product application training distinguished Hanoud from the competition.


"The Fundamental Philosophy of this company remains that the best way to achieve sales growth is through a motivated and educated dealer sales force. Sales people who understand the products they sell and where these products fit in the marketplace are great assets. These people don't just ‘happen.’ They are a direct result of frequent visits and training through product seminars and competitive product comparisons. This long-term commitment to education has resulted in the continued growth and success of this firm."   -Paul Hanoud

In 1988, the growth of Hanoud Associates resulted in the purchase of a 2,200 square foot facility. The free-standing building is located on 1.6 country acres and includes a fully integrated high-speed computer network to facilitate communication between us and all of our consultants, dealers, and VIP end-users. 

In 2013 Robert Lima joined the team and began working at Hanoud Associates as a Sales Representative. His passion, dedication, and knowledge of the Pro Audio field proved invaluable and upon the close of 2019, and with Paul and Nancy looking toward retirement, Robert stepped into the role of Business Owner and on January 1st, 2020, Hanoud & Lima Associates was officially born.


We'd like you to know that Hanoud & Lima Associates operates differently from traditional rep firms: Due to the small geographic area of New England, all of our employees call on many, but not all, of the same accounts. The resulting multiple sales visits allow specialized representatives to call on the different departments that the dealership might have – while also following up on previous visits made by other HLA salespeople.

For more information on any of the manufacturers we represent, or what we might be able to do for YOU, please contact us any time.